Lewis and Clark Cycling Trek

Monday, July 16, 2007

Day 12, July 15-Pickwick Landing State Park to Tishomingo State Park

42.85 miles. N34.37 X W88.12

We continued on our off-route short cut journey after a good breakfast buffet at the Pickwick Landing Inn. We wished that the campground had been as well taken care of as the Inn. It was spotless and a very beautiful building whereas the campground toilets and showers left something to be desired. We rated it a 4.5 out of 10…not quite good enough to actually take a shower. We pedaled on down to Tishomingo, stopping once for a shake at Hardee’s and again at a convenience store in Tishomingo for deep fried delights for lunch. Tishomingo State Park is a large, beautiful park with its own lake called Hayes Lake. It is very apparent that this area is under drought conditions because the lake is down some 8 to 10 feet according to the next door camper. We can only see 2 other campers on the grounds tonight, making it very quiet indeed. Our campsite is huge extending down to the lake edge. Our tent is dwarfed by towering pine trees and we have a smoky, little campfire going. There is almost no breeze but the lake has some riffles caused by several ducks that have taken up residence here. It is quite an idyllic scene. I have failed to mention that we are in armadillo country now. We see 4 or 5 roadkills along our route every day about like we would see opossum along the roads in Indiana. We have yet to see one alive, however. Well, time to prepare supper. No roadkill tonight… I think a spaghetti dinner is in order. Bon appetite!

Question of the day: Tishomingo refers to a person in a Native American tribe. To what Indian group did this person belong and what was his job?


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