Lewis and Clark Cycling Trek

Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 18, July 21-Coffeeville, AL (Service Park Campground) to 13 miles south of Grove Hill

38.89 miles. N31.35 X W87.37

The Adventure Cycling Map has us doing something weird today. We are supposed to go south to Jackson, then back north to Grove Hill, some 35 or 40 miles. Rt 84 on the other hand goes directly to Grove Hill from Coffeeville in 20 miles. I asked a local gentleman about Rt 84 and he said that he would cry if someone made him bike all the way to Jackson and back up to Grove Hill… by all means we should take 84. That settled it, we would take Rt. 84. We had no traffic issues, some cars but only 2 trucks in the 20 miles and we arrived in Grove Hill by 11:30. We stopped at the local Burger King for something to drink. Apparently a church bus full of church camp kids had arrived just before us, because there was quite a long line of youngsters waiting to order. I struck up a conversation with the chaperone/bus driver. Harrison was very interested in what we were doing and where we planned to spend the night since this town has only a city park in which to camp. As we got ready to leave, Harrison walked back over to us and asked us if we might want to camp in the backyard of friend of his that lived 13 miles south on our route. We jumped at the chance. Harrison called John Moore and John was agreeable. He said we could put up a tent in the backyard of an empty house he owned. After having lunch at Gloria’s Restaurant, we biked down to the John’s empty house. We called John and he met us there and gave us a great deal. He gave us the house for the night! It had air conditioning, shower, stove, refrigerator, and TV. He told us to use anything we wanted. So Spokewrench and I camped out on the floor in front of the TV after a meal of Spam and Cheese with smoked sausage. What a wonderful act of kindness. Thank you so much, John. And now, we only have a 50-some mile ride tomorrow instead of a 70-some!

Question of the day: We thought of a few reasons that Adventure Cycling may have routed us on the longer route rather than the more direct road. Name 3 reasons why you think we were routed the long way.


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