Lewis and Clark Cycling Trek

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Welcome to the Lewis and Clark Cycling Trek!

We are two stalwart bicycle adventurers heading out this summer to retrace Lewis and Clark on the 200th year anniversary of the Corp of Discovery's remarkable journey! This BLOG is where we chronicle our journey and keep in touch with those who are following our progress. Our Trek is set to commence on June 13, 2005. We are now in the arduous process of gathering and packing our gear.
This is actually the second leg of the Trek. The first leg was accomplished last summer, a 400+ mile tour across Missouri. This took us from St. Louis to Kansas City. We propose to start from Kansas City this summer and follow in the wake of Lewis and Clark. Our hope is to pedal 1200-1500 miles, putting us somewhere in Montana by mid-July.
- ClarkWheel & SpokeWrench Lewis