Lewis and Clark Cycling Trek

Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 19, July 22-South of Grove Hill, AL to Stockton, AL (Hubbard Landing Campground)

54.58 miles. N31.04 X W87.52

Today’s issue was lack of services…We left our guesthouse in good time and headed down to the Gosport Grocery for coffee, poptarts, peanut butter crackers. We didn’t find a convenience store for the next 22 miles. This is Sunday, so many convenience stores are closed. There are no restaurants at all on the route and only a few gas stations showing on the map. It turns out there were only 2 convenience stores on the route open, but thankfully that provided us with lunch. We biked on to Hubbard Landing Campground and when we inquired about cabins and campsites, the owner, Harold, said that since we were biking the Underground Railroad, he would give us a cabin for the night free of charge…and a very nice cabin indeed, complete with stove, refrigerator, shower, sink, microwave, and air conditioning. I can’t get over the kindness of that we have seen in the last few days. It is overwhelming! Tomorrow is Mobile!

Question of the day: Our cabin overlooks the Tensaw River. At certain times of the day, the river runs toward the Gulf of Mexico like it should, but at other times of the day, the river runs backwards…upstream…why?


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